How To Create An Epic Sweet 16 Birthday Party For Your Kid

Having a sixteen-year-old can make you feel like time is flying by so quickly. While some parents may give their kids keys to a new car for their sweet sixteen, why not make their day a bit more memorable and throw them an epic party that they won't soon forget?

Get a Live DJ

If there's one thing that every teenage party needs it's a really good DJ. Hire a local DJ that works in clubs that play similar music to the music your kid likes. Then, have your kid send the DJ lists of all of their favorite songs; that way the DJ can compile a playlist beforehand to make sure they cover every song. Plus they can throw in a few others to mix things up. Make sure that the DJ plays enough music to keep the kids dancing all night long. 

Hire An Audiovisual Production Company

Your child's sweet 16 is all about embarrassing them a little bit and celebrating their life up until now. What better way can you do both of those things than with a live slideshow of a bunch of home videos and pictures of them growing up? While your child may act a little bit embarrassed at first, they will see how much you love them and how many fun memories you have shared together. Plus, it will give their friends and classmates an opportunity to learn a little bit more about them and their childhood. 

Hire a Photographer

Nothing is quite as popular right now as having a photobooth to commemorate every social event. Hire a photographer to come set up a fun photobooth and take a bunch of pictures for you. Not only will this give everyone at the party something fun to take home with them but it will give them something to post about. And these days, if kids don't have anything to post about on social media, you may as call the party a dud. 

Hire a Caterer

No party is any fun without food, right? Rather than getting pizza and ice cream, consider going all out and having their birthday bash catered. A big trend in catering right now is to have different food stations. For instance, you can have a taco station, a sushi station, an ice cream station, and a pasta station. Then everyone can dabble in a variety of different foods all night long. 

To learn more about audiovisual displays, contact an audiovisual production company in your area.