4 Tips To Throwing The Best Dinner Party

Sharing meals allow people to form close bonds and get to know one another. If you want to foster community among your neighbors and friends, hosting a dinner is the perfect way to do that. You don't need to rent a special venue to have a special dinner party. You can throw an excellent event right in your own home by following a few key steps. Here are four tips to hosting your first dinner party:

1. Refine your guest list.

Be realistic about the number of people you can fit in your home. People with smaller homes may need to be more selective about their guest lists. However, you may have more room than you think. If you get creative when it comes to your seating arrangement, you may be able to fit more people. Go over your guest list and make sure everyone you're inviting gets along with one another. As the host, it's your job to put together a harmonious group of people.

2. Have enough alcohol on hand.

Alcoholic beverages can help your guests socialize when consumed in moderation. You don't want to run out of alcohol halfway through your dinner party, so make sure you purchase enough. A good rule of thumb is to have enough liquor on hand for each guest to have two to three drinks. Buy a good selection of alcohol, including beer and wine. Choose wines based on the menu you're serving, since the right wine can complement your food.

3. Make a plan for the food.

When throwing a dinner party at your home, you can either have the food catered or cook it yourself. Both options have their pros and cons. Cooking the food yourself can save you money. It can also give you the satisfaction of having fed your friends and family members yourself, and people who enjoy cooking will appreciate the chance to show off their skills. On the other hand, having the food catered can save you a lot of time and stress. Some people find the extra cost worthwhile for the peace of mind a catering company brings.

4. Decorate appropriately.

Don't forget to decorate your house for the dinner party. The environment in which people eat can enhance their enjoyment of the food. Set out centerpieces and lay tablecloths over the table to disguise the chair legs. A linen rental company can provide you with clean, pressed table cloths for any number of tables. They can also provide linen napkins for a sophisticated touch.

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