Hosting A Retirement Party For A Dedicated Employee

If you have someone within your company who is planning on leaving due to retirement, holding a large party to thank them for their services is a nice way to show your appreciation and excitement for the next phase of their life. The rest of your employees will enjoy having a chance to celebrate their farewell, helping to boost morale in the process. Here are some ideas to incorporate into a retirement party for one of your dedicated employees.

Serve Favorite Foods

Have the event catered by a local service so the employee isn't aware that you have planned a party. The catering company can sneak into the building in a back entrance and set up in a meeting room, cafeteria, or even outdoors. Have employees strike up a conversation with the retiree to discuss different foods. This will allow you to find out what some of their favorite foods are during the weeks before the party so that they are added to the selections you offer.

Gather Photographs

Throughout the years, you most likely have taken photos of your employees doing different things around the company. Search through all known photos within the company for pictures of the person retiring. Ask other employees to digitally send you copies of any photos they may have of the person, as well. Compile these photographs into a slide show program. Rent some audio/video equipment and give a presentation to the company using these memories so that everyone can reminisce on the great achievements the retiree has given to the company.

Make Speeches

If anyone has some words they would like to give to the retiree about their service, have them get in front of the crowd to give a speech to the rest of the company. Make sure you have speakers set up and use a microphone so everyone can hear what is being said. You may find that after a few people speak, others will want to join in on the fun. Consider videotaping this portion of the party so you can send the retiree a copy of the presentation after they leave the company so they can remember the nice things people had said about them.

Give Gifts

Collect a predetermined donation from each employee in the company and use the lump sum to buy a thoughtful gift for the person retiring. Some fun ideas include a day at the spa, a membership to a massage parlor, or a gift certificate for a haircut and color. Consider having each employee buy their own small gift to place in a gift basket instead. Pick a theme such as "fun in the sun" and have everyone bring in something to add, such as sunglasses, a towel, and lotion. Include a card with each person's name and address so the retiree can keep in contact with their former coworkers after they leave the company.

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